Working with Me

Makes the Difference

I've dedicated my professional life to understanding people at the workplace -- how they work, how they tick, what motivates them, what inspires them, what keeps them engaged and innovating, and how they work together.

“ConVivir Consulting just gets it, gets me, and knows how to talk with me so that I can implement change”

—Chevron Manager

I partner with you to build:

° High Performance Teams

° Exceptional Managers

° Skills in Working Effectively across Cultures

° Thriving Teams in High-Risk Industries

Practical. Immediate. Relevant.

My work is to partner with you and your organization to create high performance teams and cultures that ably respond to external change, facilitate effective decisions, generate new thinking, and provide exceptional service with minimum time, resources, and stress.

What Can You Expect?

° More engaged and productive employees

° Higher retention rates

° Collaborative, innovative teams

° Vibrant and responsive company culture

° Lower incident rates

° Stronger bottom line

I work with Fortune 100 companies, governments, start-ups, non-governmental organizations, and high-risk industries.

My Approach

At ConVivir Consulting, I build high performance teams,

develop effective managers, engage talent, and generate thriving company cultures.

My approach is grounded in three core principles:

° At the center of all endeavors we are human beings -- not assets or resources

° Our behavior is guided by our emotions

° We live in a particular culture

My History

In late 2002, I had an "aha" moment. Having hired and worked with numerous management consultants in the past, I realized a problem: consultants seem to be forgetting they were working with humans. The workforce was treated as a "resource," and senior leaders offered cookie-cutter solutions -- as if people could be fixed like a machine. In response, ConVivir Consulting was launched as a boutique organizational development consulting company focused on building high performance teams.

My first promise? I work with human beings.

Meet Me

ConVivir Consulting is diverse as the clients it serves, each of us offering a unique set of skills to meet the needs of our company and those with whom we partner.

Gabriel Acostalopez

Founder & Managing Director

I draw on more than twenty-five years of experience, specializing in executive coaching and advising; management, leadership and teamwork education; professional and organizational development; and strategic business development. I have coached, advised and trained thousands of individuals in both government and private sectors, including Fortune 100 companies, in the United States, Europe, Africa, Latin America and Asia. My area of expertise is in workplace behavior and improving human performance and safety among employees and management. I work fluently in English and Spanish.

High Performance Teams

My expertise is building teams that consistently and effectively address challenges, innovate new thinking, maintain loyalty to each other and the organization, and perform with excellence.

The Journey Walk

Managing organizations means monitoring the existing tracks. Leading organizations means laying new tracks. How can you manage or lead more effectively? Achieve the results you need? Inspire your team? It's starting with the humanness side of your people, and learning the Journey walk.

High Risk Industries

I offer a specialization in building high performance teams and management when safety is a top priority. I tailor our work to the specific challenges of industries such as mining, oil and gas, energy, construction, aviation, and others, ensuring teams are thriving -- and safe..


For information on our Seminars, which are offered as stand-alone learning opportunities as well as embedded in our consulting programs, may be found here.

Tailored. Relevant. Useable.

I start with your objectives. What results do you need? What challenges have you observed? Stuck and unsure what is not working?

This is where ConVivir Consulting can help.

Our focus is your success.

I believe in the power of teams. A thriving, innovative, dynamic team is what makes an organization succeed -- but this doesn't happen automatically. Whatever your business -- for-profit, non-profit, government -- I focus on generating high performance teams able to navigate cultures, address challenges effectively, and exceed expectations.

Full Out at 70%

I admit it; I’m a workaholic… a recovering workaholic, that is. I worked for 15 years in what many people call Workaholic Central: The Silicon Valley.

I wanted to be the best at what I did. At Apple Computer I wore the “Changing the World One Person at a Time” T-Shirt proudly...

Continue reading.

Management as a Professional Practice

I believe that people who are promoted to manager are doing the best they can with what they have. People do not want to be bad managers, or to be compared with the (sadly) prototypical manager from Dilbert.

Continue reading.

A Management


Most companies promote the stated value that reads something like, “Our people are our most valued resource.” Curiously, according to a Gallup Poll on worker engagement, “Findings

indicate that 70 percent of American workers are ‘not engaged’ or ‘actively disengaged,’ and are emotionally disconnected from their workplaces and less likely to be productive.”

Continue reading.

Management Community of Practice

In this article, I want to spotlight a common business issue at the source of much dissatisfaction, conflict, and ultimately lost productivity within the workplace:

the quality of the managerial skills of our managers.

Continue reading.

How We Set Up Managers

In the world of business, most employees begin with a baseline of education such as a bachelor’s degree (theoretical knowledge). The initial job is real-time training for learning specific tasks and procedures (technical skills) and company knowledge (goals and near-term objectives).

Continue reading.

What I Do Works

"ConVivir Consulting is able to see things happening in an organization that most of us are blind to, understand the parts and their connections, the antecedents to the actions and behaviors, and introduce ideas and conversations into the group that begin to transform the way work gets done and improve the performance of an organization.”

Contact me!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some common questions I am asked in our initial phone call.

As always, please contact me to discuss your particular situation.

- How long will it take before you respond to my inquiry?

I respond within one business day, sometimes more quickly. I'll call or email you, suggesting a couple of times to talk.

- How long is our initial phone conversation?

Usually about 30 minutes, depending on your time. My goal is to have a basic idea of what is going on. From there, I'll offer a proposal, which begins with a Needs Assessment.

- What is a Needs Assessment?

The Needs Assessment is a written report that contains two parts: raw data that reports anonymously our conversations with relevant staff; and an analysis of that data, which includes an action plan. After that report is completed, I'll talk about how you want to proceed.

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